Environmental Policy Statement


It is the policy of Centrol Office Supplies to ensure that its activities are managed so as to minimize our impact on the environment, so far as is reasonably practical.


In order to achieve this:


·      The Company will manage its product range and to ensure that products in this range do not cause unacceptable environmental damage through its receipt, storage, and use or disposal phases. We also form partnerships with manufacturers & Wholesale suppliers which match or exceed the standards we set. We source quality items; products that exceed the expectations of our clients, such items have a higher life span and lower waste overall. Because of our low operating costs we can supply these at very competitive prices.

·       Centrol Office Supplies will develop the energy efficiency of its commercial vehicle fleet, through alternative fuels; so far as is reasonably practicable. Future purchases of vehicles either commercial or for personal use will take account of the environmental impact of the models selected. Investment in new technology with allow us to monitor more closely the activities of our vehicles operating in London, this will minimize journey times, improve efficiency, lower maintenance costs and reduce fuel usage.

It is our intention to replace all our company car fleet with alternative fuel or Hybrid technology vehicles by 2010, our first Hybrid vehicle was purchased in August 2008, a phasing in of more fuel efficient vehicles will go further to endorse our total commitment in being “environment friendly”.

·      The Company will continue to improve the energy efficiency of its premises. Centrol House was constructed in 1998 by Mansells plc the design criteria at the time was to produce a building that was practical and low in cost to maintain the design was adapted where practicable to improve   energy efficiency. When considering future improvements an account will be taken of the energy efficiency of the item, and of the energy costs involved in running such a purchase and the safe disposal of it after

·       We encourage where possible that our clients make a difference and consider Recycled & Environmentally Friendly products within their purchasing criteria, products we supply include:

(1)       Eco-friendly Cleaning Supplies

(2)       Eco-friendly Wipe Boards and Notice boards

(3)       Paper from sustainable forests

(4)       Recycled Lever arch files, Ring binders & Box files

(5)       Recycled Books & Pads

(6)       Recycled Envelopes

(7)       Recycled writing instruments

(8)       Recycled Laser & Inkjet cartridges

(9)       Recycled Stick notes

(10)     Fair-trade & Organic Catering Supplies, Tea, Coffee, Sugar etc.

(11)     Belu Water supplied in the UK’S first Bio degradable bottle.

In fact we can supply hundreds of items that will help save the resources we use and in turn reduce the impact we have on our Environment.

Wherever possible the Company will seek to minimize its own waste, in August 2009 we will be installing a bank of Steely recycling bins which will be graded by the material recycled this will include, plastic bottles, Aluminum cans, clear glass bottles, cardboard and paper, these will be collected and recycled by one of our recycling partners a full listing of items we can collect from our clients and recycle are stated within on our environment schedule a copy of which is available on request.

Currently both Employees and Management are encouraged to travel to work using environment friendly methods such as car sharing or use of public transport where practical. Over 95% of our staff live within a 10 mile radius  of our location, during the working day staff have access to two SMART cars these are offered under our “car share” policy, the vehicles are fuel efficient, have low maintenance costs, and are practical to use within the London region, both of these are operated as “pool” cars, Staff are discouraged to use their own cars during the working day, We introduced these cars in 2004 by doing so we reduced the fuel used by company and personal car owners car owners by nearly 60%.


Greenhouse gases are considered one of the main causes of climate change and according to most environmental agencies; this is a major threat to life as we know it. Centrol Office Supplies want to do their part to reduce CO2 emissions.

Environmental Study – carried out January 2008


Goods delivered to our clients in London are done through our own vehicles, however we had to consider a safe, secure and environmentally friendly way of conducting this throughout the UK, a way that will have the minimum impact on the environment, we spent a lot of time researching the ways our competitors delivered using their own fleet, we found this both impractical and environmentally damaging with drivers traveling great distances to a single delivery point

Further investigations illustrated that third party deliveries via a trusted carrier would be the most logical answer, not only were Environmental issues considered, financial and client benefits were taken into consideration, we issued 10 postcodes to 3 Carriers are asked them to produce figures on how many deliveries they carry out in that area on a daily basis, we later averaged this out over 5 days the results were simply amazing on average deliveries averaged 21 alternative delivery points per day all within an  10 mile radius this compared favorably to only 3- 4  of our competitors, In addition goods are transported to Delivery Hubs by these Carriers by Dual Floor containers allowing then to transport 50% more than regular transporters.

After a satisfactory conclusion we appointed City Link and Fed Ex via Spicer’s as our third party transport, in order to further minimize any unnecessary journeys we encourage clients to order via the Web and through our proven PPD system, this allows them to identify easily and maintain levels of stock  allowing them to order once or twice monthly, any goods ordered which are excess to their requirements can be returned for a full credit providing goods are returned in a saleable condition* (Please see returns policy)


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